Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Practice with Teok

Practice with Teok (Jack)

Today was much more rewarding and benefiting, Jack taught me some quick change skills to practice (which I nearly defeated 3 people including Jack with but stuffed up in the last second) and I practised in the training lobby until I thought I was ready. When I started my first match, I was paired with Jack, the game started bad but ended with a brilliant win with team work, I defended a lane from the whole enemy team by blocking it with stone barriers that do fire damage, then Jack and the rest of my team came up behind them and dealed as much damage as they possibly could and that won the game for us.

The 2 games after that I was paired against Jack and actually killed him! The server hit a lag spike and I took advantage of it when Jack was near me I spammed an area of effect move that killed Jack, the first time ever! After that Jacks team was losing and when all the spawn points were gone, Jack was the last person left and could not respawn again if he died, So he went on a rampage, surviving until I ran up dodged his fire ball and started spamming fire, death and lightning, which finished him off and killed him. After that the games got better, I won and lost a whole collection but it was really fun.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Practice with Staic

Practice with Static  (Harold Seefeld)

Today Harold and I fought against each other in a 4 versus 4 match, Harold taught me about Neutral Wards. Neutral Wards are Wards (Wards are self-shields that deflect the element you base it on e.g. fire ward, ice ward, death ward) that only buff you, they do not have any de-buff side effects, for example: death and lightning ward, ice and death, ice and lightning.Harold also taught me that spamming lightning is not a very helpful tactic, because it can easily kill your friends. In  the end, I did incredibly poorly compared to Harold who got 3000 points points most games, and I only got 250 most games. But! I will improve,I swear!

Training Plan

Training Plan

I have not been able to be on my PC for quite a while, so I can not update my Stats for Magicka Wizard Wars. So I have decided to make this post my plan for training I am going to do tonight with Jack Mc'Watters.

So the first thing I have decided to do is join the Training Lobby which is singleplayer only. I will practice quick-changing my Wards, which is incredibly useful out on the battle field, to prevent damage and buff yourself. I will also practice combo's and special moves that fits my play-style. After a master a bit of quick-casting I am going to start some 4v4 matches with Teok (Jack) and I will practice my Tactical Dragon Strike Spell which is what I was renowned for. After that I am going to ask Jack some advice on how he plays so eventually I can be better than him.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Tilb's Magicka Wizard Wars Training Recount


Magicka Wizard Wars is a competitive online MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game absolutely full of chaos and fun. MWW (Magicka Wizard Wars) requires an incredible amount of skill and time spent playing it because things like friendly-fire is on and a heaps of different play styles you need to counter and learn to make you the best. My aim right now is train myself and improve at this game to reach high in the Leaderboards (right now I am n 3553 on the Leaderboard) catch up with my rivals StaticHS (Harold) and Teok (Jack) who are really good, and be better than them!