Monday, 3 March 2014

Practice with Staic

Practice with Static  (Harold Seefeld)

Today Harold and I fought against each other in a 4 versus 4 match, Harold taught me about Neutral Wards. Neutral Wards are Wards (Wards are self-shields that deflect the element you base it on e.g. fire ward, ice ward, death ward) that only buff you, they do not have any de-buff side effects, for example: death and lightning ward, ice and death, ice and lightning.Harold also taught me that spamming lightning is not a very helpful tactic, because it can easily kill your friends. In  the end, I did incredibly poorly compared to Harold who got 3000 points points most games, and I only got 250 most games. But! I will improve,I swear!


  1. Great i can't wait for the Magicka game for boys to come out

  2. They are all defeats! :( Poor you :(