Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Practice with Teok

Practice with Teok (Jack)

Today was much more rewarding and benefiting, Jack taught me some quick change skills to practice (which I nearly defeated 3 people including Jack with but stuffed up in the last second) and I practised in the training lobby until I thought I was ready. When I started my first match, I was paired with Jack, the game started bad but ended with a brilliant win with team work, I defended a lane from the whole enemy team by blocking it with stone barriers that do fire damage, then Jack and the rest of my team came up behind them and dealed as much damage as they possibly could and that won the game for us.

The 2 games after that I was paired against Jack and actually killed him! The server hit a lag spike and I took advantage of it when Jack was near me I spammed an area of effect move that killed Jack, the first time ever! After that Jacks team was losing and when all the spawn points were gone, Jack was the last person left and could not respawn again if he died, So he went on a rampage, surviving until I ran up dodged his fire ball and started spamming fire, death and lightning, which finished him off and killed him. After that the games got better, I won and lost a whole collection but it was really fun.

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